Month: November 2016

Questions for Adult Children to Keep in Mind

With its personal touches and commitment to helping residents preserve their quality of life, The Crossings definitely feels like home Are your parents taking their medications each day? (Do you have to monitor the quantity of medicine to ensure that they are?) Are they still going out and socializing or have they become more isolated… Read more »

That Time of the Year

It is almost that time of year. There is a crispness in the air promising that it is going to get even colder. There are peppermint mochas in festively designed cups in everyone’s glove covered hands. There is even the illusive sound of bells, of the jingle variety, coming from somewhere. The Holiday Season is… Read more »

How Do YOU Define Legato?

As a retired Music Teacher and Choir Director, Jean Hilton explained the musical term “legato” or, “a smooth transition” to all her students. Now that Jean is a Resident Ambassador at The Crossings at Ironbridge, she is still teaching the art of legato. Jean welcomes our new residents to their bright, airy apartments, and lets… Read more »

How will you live fully in the now?

Isiah Hawkins worked hard all his life, so when it came to finding the right retirement lifestyle, The Crossings at Ironbridge made the choice easy! Isiah enjoys bright, airy apartments, delicious meals prepared by our Chef, and an on-site fitness center to keep him in top shape for his next project. Isiah can also rest… Read more »