With its personal touches and commitment to helping residents preserve their quality of life, The Crossings definitely feels like home

  • Are your parents taking their medications each day? (Do you have to monitor the quantity of medicine to ensure that they are?)
  • Are they still going out and socializing or have they become more isolated and homebound?
  • Is driving an issue?
  • Have you noticed them wearing the same outfit over and over again?
  • Is there spoiled food in their refrigerator?
  • Is their house due for a lot of costly repairs? Will they get to enjoy the value of these repairs once they’re completed or is it time to move?
  • Are you getting more calls during the night or with greater frequency during the day?
  • Do your parents seem to be unsteady on their feet? Are they have balance issues or falls?
  • Have they experienced weight loss or lack of appetite? Are they making an effort to eat three meals a day?
  • Have you seen any signs of safety concerns around their home? (Burnt pots/pans or dish towels?)
  • Are they repeating their stories or questions often? Do they forget that you called and spoke to them yesterday?
  • Are neighbors, friends, or other relatives calling you with concerns?
  • Are the bills still being paid?
  • Do they seem scared, frightful, or worried that someone is going to break into the house?

Individually, many of these signs may not be a cause for concern. However, if you start noticing a frequent pattern of behavior it may be time to speak with your parent about the possibility of needing to take the next step into an assisted living situation.