Will you be my Valentine?

In a touching, it’s-too-good-to-be-true fashion, dance lessons at 83 years of age turned into true love. The Crossings at Ironbridge asked their residents to share their best love stories to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, of the many submissions, Barbara Lindsay’s was selected as the senior living community winner.

In her own words, here is Barbara’s story:

One day my friends asked me to leave my house and go dancing. I had been in the house for the last nine months because my first husband had died and I was so depressed. I did go to MacDonald’s to dance with my group of friends. While at MacDonald’s, a friend said there was a nice man named Roy around the corner, and will you teach him to dance? I said sure I’ll teach him to dance.

I went over and asked him if he knew how to dance and Roy said no. I said come on and I’ll teach you how to dance.

He said okay, but I want you to know that I’m 83 years old.I said no you’re not, you’re 18.

We began dating and have been together now for six years. I asked God to help me after my husband passed and He sent me Roy. Roy is a wonderful, kind, caring man. We love each other very much.

“It is so nice to see that love can be found at any age,” said Sherry Matthews, Executive Director at Ironbridge. “I hope I’m as happy as Barbara and Roy are when I retire.”

The Crossings at Ironbridge is a senior living community in Chesterfield County, Virginia. One of five managed by Harmony Senior Services in the Richmond region, its 84 units includes 63 Assisted Living and 21 Memory Care apartments. The state-of-the-art senior living rental option is conveniently located in Chester with access to Route 10 and nearby retail and medical services. For more information visit www.TheCrossingsAtIronbridge.com or call (804) 748-7000.