In spring, the world seems to slowly come back to life again. The weather becomes milder; plants and flowers begin to grow and bloom; and the wildlife seems to return in full force. With this awakening of nature, we shake off our winter reverie and begin to become more active ourselves. We want to be out and about doing the most to seize the day; however, every now and again we or those around us might need a little motivation. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of tips to help not only the seniors in your life, but also yourself to get and to keep motivated and seize the day!

– Create attainable goals: We tend to think of goals as something for the young and those in the work force, but this is not the case. No matter your age you can benefit from setting long term or short term goals. Goals not only act to motivate you, but give you a focused sense of purpose. Once a goal is achieved the person also benefits from a more secure sense of independence at being able to accomplishing something challenging on their own. Keep in mind though that your goals should be attainable. Do not set yourself up for the impossible. Instead, choose goals that will challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, but that are also manageable.

– Be flexible: As we grow older, we can get stuck in our ways, which ends up hindering us in the long run. An inability to change not only effects how we act in a given situation, but also how we feel about ourselves and our overall life satisfaction. Someone who is uncompromising and unwilling to adapt are more likely to reflect negatively about their current circumstance; whereas, those who are more willing to be flexible and adapt tend to have an overall better outlook on life. Keeping this in mind, try to embrace small spontaneities that pop up your life and adapt to those situations that are bogging you down. By being flexible, you will come out the other side with a sunnier outlook not only on the experience, but life in general.

– Acknowledge your own usefulness: Too often we forget to reflect and acknowledge all that we do. It all too easy to dismiss ourselves and all that we do on a day to day basis. This dismissal can often harm our own self-esteem and make it especially difficult to remain motivated. In order to combat this, try to take time out of your day and reflect on what you have done to be useful for yourself as well as others. On top of helping validate yourself, this time might also allow you to figure out how you might want to change your current habit and set some personal goals for yourself.

– Try something new: The new can be a very frightening thing whether it be trying to learn how to use a new piece of technology or trying a completely foreign type of cuisine. To help mitigate your fear perhaps try to frame your new experience in a new way. Many fear the new not because of the thing itself, but a fear of failure. Instead, know that whether or not you are a whiz after bonding (or not) with your new piece of technology or are a new connoisseur of Laotian cuisine does not reflect back on you. It is the fact that you tried something new (and slightly scary or uncomfortable) that does reflect back on you.

We hope these tips will help you kick off your spring the right way and keep you motivated all the way through summer. Carpe Diem!