At a Harmony Senior Living community, you will have as much support as you wish to achieve a better quality of life.

Supportive Services

At a Harmony Senior Living community, you have the support you need to achieve the quality of life you deserve. Peace of mind will come from knowing that if you need assistance, day or night, our caring staff are there to assist you. More than just meeting your needs, we are on hand to respond to your desire for care. If early breakfast isn’t your thing, hit the snooze bar, we’ll bring you breakfast in bed. Prefer orange juice with your evening medications, you need only ask. The nuances that make your every day sing are the standard we seek to create for your life in Harmony.

Continuum of Care

Most Harmony Senior Living communities offer resort style luxury Independent Living as well as Assisted Living and Memory Care options. We have crafted an innovative approach to personalized supportive care which allows our residents to age in place in a safe and comfortable manner.

We provide a comprehensive assessment, not only of your needs, but also your preferences for care From this deep understanding, a personalized plan is developed specific to you to include every area of support throughout the community. The nurse will know how often you like to shower, the housekeeper will know when to change your linens, the maintenance director will know where to place the nightstand, and the chef will know when to treat your sweet tooth. The orchestration of these needs results in a service plan designed specifically for you and you will only pay for the services you require.

Our experienced staff works in concert with your physician, our on-site Rehab Service provider, and the Harmony community’s Healthcare Coordinator to meet your private personal care needs. As your care needs increase, we are here to make any adjustments in your level of care to maintain your highest level of independence and greatest quality of life.